A baseline measure for whether an organisation respects transgender people is whether or not they force someone to pick an honorific that denotes someone's gender.

Forms often start by asking someone's honorific; and if they only give binary options, then there's little chance that they will respect trans and gender diverse people elsewhere. Additionally, how organisations treat more marginalised groups is a good indicator of how inclusive they are in other areas as well.

Forcing non-binary and gender diverse people to misgender themselves by only giving binary honorifics to choose from is painful, and contributes to the constant fatigue they experience and general hostility of society.

For example, here is the list of honorifics Qantas provides - which even includes Brigadier - but excludes non-binary people. However, ANZ Bank provides a more inclusive option, by allowing people to choose Mx.

So Respect Scanner allows people to check whether organisations have cleared this basic hurdle.

We've gone through many Australian websites, and investigated their honorifics and gender options. From there, we then rate them as either 'Fail', 'Pass', or 'Starred'.

The simplest solution to this: don't ask people for honorifics, or let them type in their own. It's not complex - all it takes is some respect.

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